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Top 10 Reasons to use a Gutter Cleaning Professionals

Professional Gutter Cleaning Services Make a Difference!

1. Prevent Water Damage Inside your Home

If you ever had to deal with water damage inside your home, you know how expensive it is and what a hassle it can be. When your gutters aren’t properly cleaned, the debris in your gutters will build up and cause water to overflow into your home. If this is not detected, it could cause mold to build up inside your walls, attic, or basement. Don’t be a victim to water damage and have your gutters well maintained.

2. Prevent Damage to the Exterior of your Home

Many problems can arise to the outside of your home from not cleaning your gutters. Water overflow can cause: roof damage, fascia & siding damage, gutter & bracket damage, and worst of all damage to your foundation. The tannins in the leaves will actually stain your home’s siding. Any external wood will rot from standing water. The weight of buildup in gutters will cause your gutter to detach from your home or bend to cause water pouring over the side of your home. Your foundation could crack from pooled up water that freezes due to poor drainage next to your home. Prevent future problems by staying on top of your home maintenance.

3. Save Money

All of the above-mentioned issues are extremely expensive in comparison to the amount you spend hiring a professional to clean your gutters. Spending a couple of hundred dollars a year could save you thousand in the long run. But, saving a couple of hundred dollars cleaning your gutters yourself could cost you more than you save. The added costs of large ladders, hoses, and safety equipment aren’t the only costs associated with doing it yourself. You must also think about the safety and lack of experience with problems you might NOT discover. Imagine this, you are cleaning the gutters and you fail to notice a broken bracket. You have clean gutters, but the water damage still occurs and you’re confused as to why. Professionals see these issues on a regular basis and sometime just fix them on the spot without increasing the cost of gutter cleaning. So, spend a little save a lot!

4. Safety First

How much is your safety worth? Pros have insurance, experience, knowledge, and proper equipment to clean gutters. Are you sure you want to be in a high-risk situation that can cause more heartache in the long run? Mother nature is a tricky thing and wind, rain, and snow make it even harder to stay safe way up there!

5. Bugs, Bees, and Spiders

Nobody wants an infestation! Keeping your gutters cleaned will cut down the number of mosquitos, spiders, bees, and other unwanted guests. The damp leaves and debris are perfect habitats for these pests, so don’t LET it build and they WON’T come!

6. Save Time

Consider what your time is worth! Are you going to use it getting dirty and take half a day cleaning gutters, when you can hire a professional? Do the fun project you’ve been putting off instead of the tedious one that’s always taking the priority! Time is Money! Don’t waste it doing busy work!

7. Leaves and bugs are not the only things in your gutters!

Let’s see- there is mud, bird poop, and even dead animals. This disgusting concoction is the perfect breeding ground for disease. Letting the pros deal with this can’t save you the risks of exposure to the unknown!

8. Protect your Landscape

Have you spent time and money maintaining a nice landscape? Well don’t let overflowing gutters root out your garden beds. Keep your plants and shrubs healthy by keeping your gutters cleaned.

9. Convenience

The professionals come out, remove the debris, bag it and take it with them, and leave an invoice at your door. You don’t even need to be home! How’s that for convenience?

10. Choose the Right Professional for your annual Gutter Cleaning

Having a reliable company is key for any home service. For one, dependability is a necessity. Your gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year and a dependable company will keep you on schedule. Second, insurance is a must. A proper professional carries their own insurance to protect them and your home. And, last but not least- quality! Making sure you know how the job will be done is very important. To ensure that your gutters are cleaned properly, your home is protected, and no mess is left behind!

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First clean out the plants and then think of cleaning the mud from the gutters. This is the best way to clean the gutters as this is the method recommended by roof repair experts.

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