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Top Ten Reasons to…Hire a window cleaning professional

When was the last time you cleaned your windows at your home? Wasn’t if fun? Fun is not what comes to mind when thinking about this daunting task of cleaning both the interior and exterior of your windows. Many homeowners gladly will hand over the squeegee to the pro’s for this exterior home maintenance project. Shannon Farrens, co-owner of Scrubco Cleaning would like to share ten great reasons you should consider hiring a professional window cleaners:

1. How much is your time worth?

Have you ever calculated what your time is worth? Start with your total household income and divide this by the total number of hours you spend working in a year per household and you will have your hourly rate of what your time is worth. For example, my family has a combined household income of $150,000/year. My husband works 40 hours per week and I work 20 per week, so that’s a total of 60 hours worked times 52 weeks in a year which equals 3,120 hrs/year. ($150,000/3,120hrs = $48/hour) We have not determined that our time is worth $48/hr. After calculating what my time is worth, I ask myself, “Should I hire a window cleaner?” How many hours will it take me to wash my own windows? If it will take me eight hours to wash my windows, eight hours of my time would be ($48 x 8 = $384) in which case it may cost me less money with better results from a hired professional. Also, you can use that time for something else productive.

2. Safety

Is cleaning your own windows worth the risk? One of the most common home improvement accidents is homeowners falling off ladders or roofs. Most of the accidents occur on the second or third floor of the house. Even the small cuts and bruises are likely when you pop windows in and out to clean them. All this worry and potential injury can be avoided by hiring a window cleaning professional. A skilled technician knows how to safely handle equipment such as ladders and squeegees. They are insured and have the expertise to maneuver around the interior and exterior of your home.

3. Prevent Damage from Inexperience

There are many ways you can damage your own windows by cleaning them yourself. If you need to pull the windows in and out of their tracks, you need to know what you are doing otherwise you can break the tracks the window sits in. The screens and storms are also a very delicate thing to clean. If you are using squeegees and scrapers, which you should be, they can scratch your windows. So, leaving window cleaning to the professionals is a good idea!

4. Window Maintenance & Appearance

Keeping your windows cleaned makes all the difference. First, the over all appearance of your home is noticeably brighter and more polished. Secondly, over time having dirt and grime on your windows will ruin your windows and they will never look clean. The dirt and dust can etch into the glass and cause scratches and blemishes. Lastly, having a well-maintained home, increases your value and makes your home more inviting to guests as well has have a pleasurable environment to live in.

5. Help Find an Existing Problem

There are many different problems with your windows that a window cleaning professional can spot from a mile away! Many of these problems that without proper treatment could cause long term damage to your home. Issues like sashes that are painted shut, and ill-fitting screen and a nonfunctioning window can be repaired during the window cleaning. In addition, a technician can easily detect is rotting wood, a broken window seal, or broken window or torn screen. All of which can be repaired quickly and efficiently before something worse happens, if you know about the problem in the first place. Having someone who sees these types of things everyday in your home looking out for the wellbeing of your windows can prevent expensive repairs down the road.

6. Longevity of your Windows

Keeping your windows in tip top shape will increase the life of the windows. The recommended schedule for cleaning your windows is twice per year. But at least have them cleaned once a year to make sure they function properly. Weather and the environment can take its toll like acid rain, oxidation and hard water spots ruin your windows. New windows are so expensive that keeping up the annual maintenance will keep money to your pocket…you know, for when the water heater goes out!

7. Getting It Done Right the First Time

There is nothing worse than having to do a job twice because it was not completed properly this first time! You can make your windows look worse by cleaning them incorretly, trust me! If you do not know what you are doing you can create horrible streaks and smears, that when the sun shines through that is all you will see! And, let’s not forget how precious your time is, do you really have time clean your windows twice or even three times?

8. Home Value & Home Sales

Curb appeal does matter. It matters so much that you could lose the sale from simply not getting your windows properly cleaned. Having an annual or semi-annual window cleaning can add value to your home. Good windows are a must have and if you have taken care of them it shows! Imagine walking through a showing of a home and the windows are dirty and the sun can’t even shine in. Are those buyers going to have a negative impression of the home? Yes, and worse it is an easy and inexpensive way to impact the sale of your home.

9. Allergies & Bacteria

Having allergies is the worst so doing everything in your power to improve the situation is necessary. Therefore, getting your windows cleaned by a professional should be moved to the top of the list. The less dust accumulation in the home the better for those with allergies. Also, making sure the seals of your window are not compromised will prevent outside exposure to pollen and other substances. There are other bacteria and mold that can also form around your windows and even get into your home if you are not aware it is spreading. A simple window cleaning can make your life heathier and happier.

10. Bugs and Spiders

Many different types of unwanted guests move into your home through your windows. Wasps, bees, spiders, box elders, stink bugs, mosquitos, and many others get into your window frames and make a nest. They can crack your window frames and cause expensive damage to your home. They can move into your walls and they can attack when threatened. Hiring in a professional window cleaning service will keep you out of harm’s way and you will have the ease of having a pro alert you to any unwanted infestations in your home.

Are you ready to hire professional window cleaners for your home? Contact Scrubco today to request a custom quote.


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