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6 Tips on Hiring the Right Cleaning Service

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1. Quality, Quality, Quality!

Cleaning ladies, whether individuals or a service, are human. Humans eventually make mistakes. Finding out what a cleaning service does to maintain the level of quality every time you are cleaned is important. Ask prospective cleaning services how they keep their quality consistent and it will be clear if you should hire that company.

2. Deep Cleaning!

Deep cleaning services are the only type of services you should hire. You already do surface cleaning everyday so having a professional deep clean is essential. Deep cleaning is cleaning the floors by hand, cleaning your baseboards, scrubbing the bathroom tile, and cleaning fronts of cabinets, just to name a few of the essentials.

3. Workers Compensation!

If the person you hire to clean doesn’t carry workers compensation insurance you may become liable for any injuries that may occur when they clean your home. Lots of things can happen when people clean, including cutting your hand, falling down stairs, and chemical burns. It is better to be protected from these common occurrences by using a professional cleaning service that carries worker compensation insurance.

4. Bringing their own Supplies!

If a cleaning company doesn’t supply everything they need to clean, just say no thanks. It adds to the overall savings of your home cleaning because cleaning supplies cost an average of $700 per year. Apply that to the cost of home cleaning and it becomes a must have quality in a maid service.

5. Price!

The pricing is important. You truly get what you pay for in this industry. Franchises are going to be the most expensive because they have the added cost of the franchise fees. Individuals are going to be the least expensive because they usually work alone and sometimes don’t carry insurance. That leaves independently owned cleaning companies as a nice happy medium. They are mostly family-owned and provide the most bang for your buck!

6. Surviving the Test of time!

Did you know 50% of all startup companies fail in the first year and only 5% make it five years? If the cleaning service you choose has been around for several years, they have figured out how to deal with the problems that might arise and they are usually the most reliable and good at their craft.

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