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How to prepare for your cleaning service

A common question we hear is, “what do we do to clean for the cleaning ladies?” I like to call this the “easy cleaning” it may not seem like it when your picking up all your things, but the “hard cleaning” is still your bathrooms, dusting and cleaning the floors. Once you are on a regular cleaning schedule, every two weeks or monthly, your home will stay more organized and you will have more time to do the projects on your list!

Tidy Up the House

Basically, move any items that prevent the team from cleaning surfaces. The floors should be cleared. It is not necessary to move furniture but any items that maybe laying around like shoes, cloths, toys, etc. should be moved or put away. The table and counter surfaces should be clear so the cleaning team can clean the furniture and counter spaces thoroughly. Having this done will make your home even cleaner giving the cleaning team lots of time to do the deep cleaning details.

Leave Out the Sheets

Yes, you no longer have to change the sheets, any quality cleaning service will include this bothersome task in their cleaning duties. The only thing you need to do is, first, make sure you have two sets of sheets for each bed. Second, put the sheets in a folded pile on each bed that they belong to so the team is aware the correct bed for that set of sheets. This will keep you in a nice sanitary routine for cleaning bedding for the entire household!

Know How to Pay

It is a good idea to know how your cleaning service excepts payments. There are a lot of different ways to pay these days. Online banking, check, credit card or payment app are some.

To Tip or Not to Tip

The cleaning ladies do work hard, and tipping is always in question. It is 100% up to you and your personal tipping standards. If you are already paying on the higher end for a detailed service, I would forgo the tip every time. It is nice to throw one or two tips in a year to keep the cleaning ladies invested. However, if you are using an individual or the service is not charging a lot, tipping could make more of a difference to the cleaners’ daily wages. The most import day to always leave a tip is the cleaning done right before the Christmas/Winter holidays. The industry standard is to match what you pay for one cleaning so if you pay $140 for a cleaning leave a once a year tip of $140. If that is too much certainly any amount left is appreciated around this time of year!

Valuables and Breakables

When any people are coming into your home to do work it is always a good idea to keep your valuables put in a safe place. Loose cash, expensive jewelry, and your personal identity items should be put away in an inconspicuous location. Also, any expensive breakables and family heirlooms that would sicken you to have broken should get put in a safe place as well. Accidents could happen so it’s best to get ahead of any unforeseen circumstances.

What to do to Prep for the Window Cleaning

Check the windows to see if they are all easily accessible. If there is furniture or window treatments in the way the window professionals should know what to do, but it’s best to have a plan. Move any breakables near the windows to prevent an accident. Let the window cleaners know about any broken screens or window that may prevent them from cleaning the windows properly. Have payment ready for them at the end of service. Tipping is up to you but it is a nice gesture for any annual or semi-annual service especially if you always use the same company.

What to do before the Carpet Cleaners Arrive

Before you have your carpets cleaned you must first know what you need done. It’s best to get it all the areas you want done at the same time. Have some add-ons prepared like some upholstery that needs it or throwing in the basement or area rug because you could probably get some savings by grouping all the items together. The carpet cleaners will move light furniture but leave the heavy stuff so if you must have something heavy moved you will need to do that yourself. Have the areas to be cleaned tidied up and clear paths through the home for their carpet cleaning equipment. Have payment ready and decide if you want to give a tip. If you are planning on getting your home cleaned it is best to get the carpets cleaned first two days before the cleaning. This will give you a glistening home effect and with the whole house this clean you will feel amazing!


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