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Top 10 Reasons to hire a Home Cleaning Service

1. Leave it to the professionals!

Professional home cleaners work all day cleaning different types of homes. They know the best ways to clean every surface and are skilled in the best techniques for getting those surfaces the cleanest! You may have mastered the bathroom but fall short in the dusting category. The cleaning professionals are trained on cleaning all areas. So, get your whole house cleaned at one time, the right way!

2. Keep the Peace

You may think having your kids clean the home is teaching them responsibility. But, let’s face it having to ask them 100’s of times and having it done poorly is probably not what you had in mind. Having the kids help with laundry or dishes might be a better suited job. Ruining a shirt is better then the bathroom tile. And, let’s not forget about the spousal augments over who cleaned more and who cleaned what. Using a cleaning team will keep your home a “happy place”.

3. The Little Things Add Up

When is the last time you cleaned the cobwebs in every room? How about the baseboards? All the little extras that get missed eventually make the home look dirty and unkept. Window ledges, six panel doors, light switches, and under the furniture are not the go to areas when you are cleaning your home. However, after a while these easily missed areas will make your home look, feel and smell dirty! Having your home deep cleaned on a regular basis will keep your home in top shape and save you from the embarrassment.

4. Move-In and Move-Out Cleans

The last thing anyone should worry about when moving is cleaning. Moving is one of the most stressful things anyone can go through. Your focus should be about moving and protecting all your cherished belongings, and not who’s going to clean out all the cabinets. Cross one thing off the list that will not break the bank and have the house professional cleaned before you move-in or after you move-out.

5. Save Your Own Back

There is no need to create an injury over cleaning the bathrooms or floors. Cleaning the floors by hand and scrubbing the shower walls are dangerous, tedious work which you do not need to do. Chemicals, slippery tubs, and heavy vacuums are reasons alone to have the pros clean your home. Don’t let the never-ending house work cause you physical pain when the cleaners use all the right protection to get your home cleaned safely.

6. More Organizing Less Scrubbing

Keeping a regular scheduled cleaning will keep you on a consistent schedule. “Getting ready for the cleaning ladies” is a good thing! Making sure your little messes are cleaned up will help to keep your home from getting too cluttered. When you are not the one doing the cleaning, it will free up so much time that you can spend organizing your closet, cleaning out the crawl space or cleaning out the kitchen cabinets. A bi-weekly cleaning is ideal for the added structure you need for home Zen.

7. Cleaning Supplies

Never buy cleaning supplies again! The average amount spent on cleaning supplies every year is $700. The pros know what to bring and how to use it. And we all have spent too much money on a heavy, horrible vacuum! Cleaning companies have researched the best, commercial grade equipment and supplies available. Apply this savings to the home cleaning and it almost pays for itself.

8. Home Value

Having your home beautifully cleaned is only one of the benefits of having a professional home cleaning service. Homes that use a regular cleaning service sell better than homes that don’t. Keeping up on the cleanings prolong the life of your woodwork, appliances, and even paint. This added value makes getting a cleaning service a no brainer! And, when it is time to sell your home, everyone wants a quick sale for the highest possible amount.

9. Health and Sanitary

Dust mites, allergens, mold, and germs are all valid reasons to hire a cleaning service. Not only do they know how to handle mold, but they are also trained on eliminating dust and germs from your home. If you are sensitive to these elements, this is more reason to have friendly cleaning ladies come into your home and help you out. Flu season is also a major factor and should not be taken lightly. Even if you are getting your flu shots but what about the germs all around your home! Is your home being cleaned the best possible way to handle these microscopic threats? If not, hire a professional cleaning service to help.

10. Time is money

Have you ever calculated what your time is worth? If you calculate the number of hours your household works per year divided by your household income you will see what your time is worth. For most families, there time is worth $25/hr. - $50/hr. Now add up the time per week you spend cleaning your home from top to bottom and you will most likely cost you less money with better results to use a professional cleaning service. Also, you can use that time for other productive or enjoyable activities.

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